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Al.Boshra med recognizes that the suppliers we do business with make an essential contribution to the success of our company. Al.Boshra med. goal is to collaborate with its key suppliers on an arms’-length basis as commercial partners to ensure the highest level of quality, service, and alliance with our values. We expect our suppliers to use well-established Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), Standard Operating We recognize that suppliers in these key strategic relationships are the contract manufacturers of an excellent products .

Ethical Marketing, Selling And Professional Support

Our Sales, Marketing professionals are given thorough training on local regulations and Al.Boshra med’s standards. We strive to uphold the most stringent adherence to commercial regulatory requirements and we operate within legal promotional guidelines for our country in which it be more suitable to customer needs .

Customer Service

Customer service requests or complaints are systematically referred to our Customer Service Department or market Information departments as appropriate with the intent to resolve any issue with appropriate internal contacts or actions. The Customer Service and is well trained and they seek to improve continuously the service, standards and methods our customers have come to expect from Al.Boshra

Customers Education and Assistance Programs

Al.Boshra med seeks to ensure end customers’ and professionals’ appropriate use of our products for the labeled uses and we strongly condemn the misuse and abuse of our selling products. Customer education materials are designed to inform the customer of the risks and benefits of use our products, in easy to understand language and format. Should there be a question or a problem with usage any product


Al.Boshra med. has the aim that communities in our country should benefit directly from our presence through the wealth and jobs created, and the investment of our time and money in the community,Al.Boshra med adopts clear parameters as to the charities it chooses to support favoring to our community. Projects and causes that reflect corporate values and priorities. In addition, our core business of all products in the therapeutic areas we focus on is for the benefit of many people throughout Libya . We encourage and support employees with their own activities within the community,by allowing time off during working hours and contributing or matching their own fund raising efforts for a variety of charities.

Completely Covering Customer Needs

med sales team of 34 sales representative covering all class A&B pharmacies hospitals, private clinics and drug stores and 18 transporters with various sized vehicle.