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Policy & Responsibilities

Our Policy

Al.Boshra med is committed to the disturbing and marketing of  medical equipments asking to be pioneers in such market, throughout continuous search around the world. We conduct our business based on our values – integrity, and respect, customer focus, global teamwork and innovation in marketing and excellence in execution.

Our Responsibilities

The operation of a profitable business is a priority and that means investing for growth as well as providing returns to our shareholders.
To achieve this Al.Boshra med recognizes that we need to operate in a sustainable manner and therefore have adopted core principles to our business operations as set out within this corporate responsibility policy. It is intended that these principles will provide a framework for both managing risk and maintaining Al.Boshra med position as a good corporate citizen but will also facilitate the setting of goals to achieve continuous improvement.
Al.Boshra med responsibility actions are directed and monitored by the members of Committee represent the key Functions and areas of the business that have greatest impact on Al.Boshra med activity. The Chairman of the Committee .Doctor / Mahmoud mal is a member of the Board and has the responsibility to keep Board members appraised of Al.Boshra med progress and any associated risks.

Code Of the Ethics

Al.Boshra med is committed to the maintenance of high ethical standards in its dealings with all persons with whom it is involved. The Group’s Code of Ethics applies to all Directors and employees and is available on our website and our internal list.

Completely Covering Customer Needs

med sales team of 34 sales representative covering all class A&B pharmacies hospitals, private clinics and drug stores and 18 transporters with various sized vehicle.