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DEAS (breathing solutions)

DEAS produces medical devices for any respiratory application in Operating Rooms, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Units (ICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), Coronary Care Units (CCU), Post-Anaesthesia Care Units (PACU), Respiratory Therapy (RT), Emergency Rooms (ER).

ELCON (Germany) for medical instruments

Our advantages are obvious: A range of surgical instruments and endoscopic devices in the best German surgical quality, complemented by a service package that leaves nothing to chance and takes all your wishes into account. Elcon serves all your needs better.


FULLSET MEDICAL TEKSTILE located in BURSA / TURKEY and our main product groups are sterile and non-sterile disposable drapes, surgical drape packs, surgical gowns, examination gowns and all groups of disposable draping sheets.


For more than half a century, our company serving the health care industry has entered the industry with the first production of gauze . Over time product line added the elastic bandage and plaster bandages, Elastic bandages, cotton pads….

Erba Mannheim

Recognized as a leading player in the In-vitro diagnostic segment. Through its presence in different countries, ERBA Mannheim provides a comprehensive portfolio in different specialties including clinical chemistry, immunology, hematology, coagulation, critical care, electrophoresis, urine analysis, diabetes monitoring, autoimmune & infectious disease monitoring and microbiology. 


Assut Medical Sàrl develops, manufactures and markets sterile surgical sutures and microsurgical knives. Among the few suture companies in the world to do so, Assut Medical Sàrl produces its own atraumatic surgical needles with its own-built machines and equipment, with decades of experience. In addition to its large range of needles and surgical sutures, a line of microsurgical knives has been created in 1998.

ACTO GmbH (Germany) for disinfection, sterilization, and hygiene products

Acto GmbH is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer which produces cleaners, disinfectants, maintenance, cosmetics-dermatological products and molecular biology – biotechnology products and sells them all over the world, especially in the European market.


Penlon is a long established medical device company, based near Oxford, in the UK. Our five key areas of business are: Anaesthesia; Laryngoscopes; Suction and Oxygen Therapy; OEM and Technical service. We have a presence in over 90 countries, spanning Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Üzümcü Hospital Equipment Metal Processing Industry

With our production experience and expert staff, we manufacture the equipment needed by the industry in the fields of operating tables, gynecological examination tables, imaging tables, operating room ceiling lamps, medical led lamps, stainless steel hospital equipment, and medical gas systems at home and abroad. We also provide services in the engineering and healthcare facility management sectors.

Completely Covering Customer Needs

med sales team of 34 sales representative covering all class A&B pharmacies hospitals, private clinics and drug stores and 18 transporters with various sized vehicle.